Beware of CPN's or Credit Profile Numbers

Beware of CPN's or Credit Profile Numbers

The marketplace Credit Profile Numbers Scam is very high considering that the economic woes of 2008 so far. In fact, the need for CPN numbers pre-2008 was even higher when they appeared to be useful for real estate and other niche techniques to help support financing through the funding era.

In recent times the bureaus are becoming a lot more intelligent in detecting a CPN number versus a person�s real SSN. CPN numbers can work if done properly, you will find people out there who position the unnecessary effort and time into developing a profile from a CPN number.

"CPN Numbers are cheap, and can get anyone quick and easy credit, however the long lasting may carry risks that are not worthwhile."

However, we don't recommend utilizing CPN numbers because we feel they may be illegal. Some will reason that a CPN is legal. Websites including �Legal CPN� report that their approach is legal and also the the fact is their approach is legal, however nobody would find yourself getting credit utilizing a credit privacy number from legal because they are simply masking an EIN to resemble a CPNs credit privacy number.

They only attach your number with a registered EIN and number which makes the process seem more legal in some sense, but it defeats the whole purpose. Why would a financial institution, credit union or lender issue credit on the personal SSN, which has somehow been filed as EIN number, doesn't have history, and just won't pass the litmus test of the credit agencies.
Bureaus will verify once your SSN card was issued, this poses one other issue for CPN�s. If you have a current issue date, it's not so easy to get funding, especially when the financial institution gets the to deny you without any reason.

The CPN Process

After you buy a CPN, you will receive a 9-digit number that mimics a Ssn referring to it a �credit protection number� or a �credit privacy number� (CPN). You�re supposed to use this clean number to apply for a fresh credit account and begin building your credit following that. The problem is that these companies may be selling stolen Social Security numbers! It�s illegal to misrepresent your Social Security number using one of these or intentionally submit falsehoods over a credit or application for the loan and you can enter into plenty of trouble if you attempt to cut corners with one of these companies.

Another common scheme is for these firms to advise their clients to apply for a business Identity Number (EIN) with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and employ it for credit applications. While the EIN is a legit number, as noted in the FTC credit rating protection page, it�s illegal to get the amount under false pretenses and you can face prosecution in the event you stick to the advice of such companies.

A 750 using a Ssn real profile is more valuable then a similar profile this is a CPN. Actually, it's our experience we've seen almost 70 to 80% of the credit gets denied which should have otherwise been approved employing a CPN number.

You can Face Fines or Amount of time in Prison

The FTC states that companies promising a �new credit identity� say they are able to assist you to hide bad credit history or bankruptcy for a small fee. In the event you pay them back, these businesses provides you with a nine-digit number that looks just like a Ssn. They may think of it as a CPN - a credit profile number or perhaps a credit privacy number. Or, they may direct you to get an EIN - a business Identification Number - from your Internal Revenue Service (IRS). EIN�s are legitimate numbers, typically employed by businesses to report financial information for the IRS and Social Security Administration - but an EIN is not an alternative to your Ss #.

The financing repair companies may let you know to apply for credit with all the CPN or EIN, instead of your own Ss #. Plus they may lie and tell you that this process is legal. But it is a gimmick. These companies could be selling stolen Social Security numbers, often those extracted from children. By using a stolen number as the own, the con artists may have involved you in identity fraud.
In the event you adhere to a credit repair company�s advice and commit fraud, many times yourself in legal trouble. It�s a federal crime to:

�    lie over a credit or loan application

�    misrepresent your Ssn

�    obtain an EIN in the IRS under false pretenses

The end result is when you employ the number they offer you, you could face fines or amount of time in prison.

Please Note: We do NOT sell CPN profiles. CPN numbers are merely used for fraud, and it is not worth it. Please be careful while confronting those who build CPN files. You are able to accomplish a lot more along with your SSN file by cleaning your credit and adding credit in a very short period of time. Credit Profile Numbers Scam

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